Alton Bay Christian Conference Center (ABCCC) is a year-round Christian Conference Center. 

It exists to promote the cause of Christ through the proclamation, study, and application of God’s Word. As a specialized ministry, the ABCCC seeks to fulfill this purpose in a relaxed atmosphere that provides opportunity for fellowship, reflection, prayer, rest, recreation and participation in a wide variety of activities geared to spiritual life and growth.

This purpose shall be the rule for life and conduct for all who are on the Conference Center grounds and/or participating in any of its ministries.


Acknowledging our dependence on the power and grace of God, we request all members and guests of the ABCCC ministries to follow these standards of conduct:


- Modesty in dress is required of all men, women and children. Bikinis, bikini trunks and other abbreviated swimwear are not appropriate for our beach. A covering over bathing suits is required when away from the beach area. 

- The use of alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs,, or tobacco is strictly forbidden anywhere on the Conference grounds. 

- We believe that the Biblical definition of marriage is a union between one man and one woman. We view all other forms of sexual intimacy that occur outside the biblical definition of marriage as sinful distortions of the holiness and beauty that God intended for it. We affirm the biblical position that such acts are sinful. We will not rent any area knowingly to biblically unmarried couples, and sexual activity between unmarried persons is not permitted on these grounds.

- No refuse or other health threatening material shall be disposed of anywhere on the grounds except in the sanitary receptacles provided.  Guests are NOT to dispose of disposable diapers, feminine sanitary disposables, paper towels, facial tissues or other such objects in the toilets or sewer system of the Conference Center.

- No pets are allowed on the beach, in the swimming area, ballfield area, or in Conference Center buildings.

- Guests are not permitted to bring dogs -- exception will be made for assistance dogs.

- The use or keeping of fireworks and the keeping or discharge of firearms (except with ABCCC written permission) anywhere on the Conference Center grounds is strictly forbidden. 

- The beach and other sports areas are closed during Sunday services and the beach is closed at dusk daily.